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2023-12-29 ShanXing

After the end of the epidemic, it is time to go around. Our company participated in the 23rd International Construction Machinery and Construction Machinery Exposition CTT EXPO from May 23rd to 26th, 2023. This time, the location is relatively good, and there are also many professional and precise customers.

The process of the exhibition is roughly the same, including arriving in advance, preparing for the exhibition, experiencing the cultural landscape, carrying out the exhibition, continuing to experience the exotic atmosphere, and returning to China. However, in the context of the war, I was originally anxious, but upon arrival, I was immediately infected by the lifestyle and atmosphere of the Russian people, feeling fortunate and comfortable. The architecture and scenery of Red Square are even more stunning, and even cameras cannot fully capture its grandeur and beauty. The people in Russia are also very friendly, where they can walk freely until late at night and are very safe. The transportation is well connected, and the subway, bus, tram, train, and plane can reach every corner of the city. There are more specialty foods, such as ham sausage, chocolate, purple sugar, milk, honey, fish, rolls, etc. Don't miss them.

The traffic at the exhibition was very high, and there were many professional merchants, making it overwhelming. There was a feeling of standing on this mountain made the other mountains feel higher, with people outside and heaven outside. The faces of the bosses were all happy. They said that people who want to buy things are all in a hurry, and everyone is racing against time at the exhibition, afraid of missing infinite business opportunities. The tire protection chains, anti slip chains, and forestry chains we displayed at the booth have attracted many businessmen from the mining, steel mills, and construction machinery industries to stop and watch, and negotiate.

The scenery and business opportunities in Moscow are better. The feeling of meeting new and old customers at the exhibition was particularly wonderful, and the harvest was quite fruitful. It was a worthwhile trip, and the catalog and samples were sent to the customers. The boxes should have been empty, but when I returned to my home country, my suitcase was filled with various Moscow specialties. I know that no matter how much I bring, I cannot take you away - Moscow. I am looking forward to meeting again as soon as possible, and next time I will stay longer to fully experience your beauty.