You don't just join Shanxing,you belong to Shanxing family.

What does it mean when we say "belong"?It's simple.We created a company where everyone was respected and felt that their ideas were important.We card about the quality of life of our employees,make the workplace inclusive,and encourage people to devote themselves to work every day.In short,this is our philosophy.

We don't have employees, we have team members.

Creating a strong culture
How to create a family like team? Care about everyone's quality of life. Adhere to our values: service spirit, team spirit and enterprising spirit. Adhere to the moral principles of loyalty, respect and business integrity.

Prosper in differences.

Diversity and inclusiveness is not just a multiple choice question. It's about doing business in the right way. Different perspectives create forward-looking innovative workplaces. That's why we invest in partnerships and cognitive programs that embrace differences.

Steady development of family business.

Family business is different. They have the secret of creating a stable working environment, and they have the way to retain employees for a long time. Shanxing, a family business, has been doing the same thing since 2005 - improving the quality of life of individuals.

Listen to other people.

Want to know what it's like to work in our company? See what other people say. That's why we are one team, one family.