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Team Construction-Charcoal Barbecue

2022-09-26 ShanXing

On June 17, 2022, Tianjin Shanxing Metal Products Co., Ltd. organized employees to have a charcoal fire self-help barbecue. Under the epidemic situation, on the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention and control regulations and ensuring safety, we have a break and entertainment, which is a rare opportunity for communication.

Shanxing's culture is still very open in this respect. Everyone expressed their views in advance to discuss what to eat. Finally, we reached an agreement and drove to the barbecue shop after work on Friday. The environment there is very good, the food materials are clean and sanitary, there are an endless stream of diners, and the business is still very good. We have fourorfive people at a table, sitting at more than a dozen tables, choosing our favorite food while having a chat and laugh barbecue. This kind of dinner is very interesting, which greatly makes up for the fact that we can't travel far because of the epidemic.

In the end, everyone was satisfied and the dinner was a success. It suddenly occurred to me that our protective chain also needs charcoal baking. Although the structure of the chain is very simple, its manufacturing process involves dozens of steps and is quite technical.